How really dirty French are?!

There won’t be any behavior analysis or talking about French personal habits, but short discussion of quantitative and qualitative amounts of plastic materials floating in their sea. We received few samples from Expedition M.E.D., where also our mentors’ assistant, Andreja Palatinus participated. Generally, they were sampling micro plastic and zooplankton in the North Western Mediterranean Sea. For the last few weeks we are analyzing samples, brought from their expedition; we found some very interesting plastic particles, some of them have organisms attached on their surface. There are still four samples to be analyzed, so we are expecting a lot more of exciting work.

Photographies are coming soon…

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Bon appetit


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Preparing for the day

At the end of each semester, we present our work as a part of school program to students, professors, coworkers and guests of our faculty. The day is called project day. For some students fun and for others fear and loathing. Anyway, these days we are preparing results and final report of this semester researche, which was successful. We found it, microplastics of course. Good news but more bad news on the other side, because this mean no good for environment we live in.

On the right picture, you can see a very small piece of plastic (probably some kind of foil or bag), which has degraded from bigger part and is still degrading to smaller sizes.

I wonder what are you thinking right now?





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Welcome to marine debris!

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